Friday, February 14, 2014

All about My Valentine!

I thought I would do a post all about my Valentine! I am convinced I have the best Valentine ever!
  • Thankful my Valentine takes up his biblical manhood card & romances me all through out the year, not just on Valentine's Day!
  • He leads our family with love!
  • He loves me sacrificially the way Christ loves the Church.
  • He has been devoted to me even when "Christians" have tried to mess our marriage up! Side note: As a former skeptic of Christians-I have found that NOT ALL Christians are that ruthless! MANY ARE VERY SWEET... THE TRUE BRIDE OF CHRIST LOOKS AND ACTS LIKE CHRIST!
  • He always has my back!
  • I am treasured by my valentine!
  • He is a godly man, who is sold out to sharing God's Word to the ends of the earth!
  • He points me and our precious daughter to the Gospel.
  • He remains faithful to God and His Word no matter what the cost is!
  • He has loved me unconditionally since we have been together!
  • He still plays/writes songs for me on his Guitar! My husband + guitar+ song= Hotness
  • He can PREACH. When he preaches I sometimes get blown away at how well he preaches. This is a new gift that has developed in the last few years. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder where he is and I go looking for him in our house and he is writing sermons that God has given him!
  • Apart from glorifying God, being a great husband to me, a loving father to our beautiful daughter-His 3 goals in life are multiplying churches, adoption, and bringing awareness to sex trafficking!
  • Thankful God chose me to be his valentine! Such a blessed wife I am!!!

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